Need Help Homeschooling?

Homeschool Help by Susie Lloyd

Don’t be embarrassed if you need help homeschooling.

You are not alone! Lots of people struggle with homeschooling.

After all, it is your second job!

The people who succeed are the ones who get help.

For over 26 years I have homeschooled 7 kids successfully and have mentored new and struggling homeschoolers just like you.

“Susie is warm, funny, and has a wealth of experience.” Mary Ellen Barrett

Every situation is different.

Every homeschooler has unique questions, issues, and struggles.

I help homeschoolers find answers and solutions before we even talk.

After we talk, I follow up with the information and resources you need.


Choose an option below that fits your schedule. You only pay for the time we actually spend talking. I know what it’s like to be on a tight budget, so the more time you need, the better deal you get.

Need Help Homeschooling Quick? 30 minutes is only $30

Need time to talk things out? An in-depth, one hour call by phone or video, with email follow up. $50

Need more time or accountability? Three one hour sessions with email follow up. $145

Wondering if we’d be a good fit? Not sure how much time you might need? Feel free to email me first. Click here – it’s free!

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Client Testimonies

“I now have a game plan to guide my oldest son through finishing up his high school credits; SAT test preparation and applying to colleges. So whatever your “Am I leaving something out?!!” dilemma is — Susie Lloyd’s got answers. Sarah from PA.

“Her many years of experience homeschooling, her practical approach, and common sense are such invaluable assets. I highly recommend her as a homeschooling consultant!” Mary Jo from MI

“Here’s someone who knows what she’s talking about!” Jasmine from CA

“You inspired me!” Maria from MD