I have spoken at multiple conferences in or near these major cities – New York, D.C., Philadelphia, St. Louis, Houston, Boston and many others.

Recently, I did these online conferences below:

You’re not too late! You can get access HERE!

Plus June’s Catholic Homeschool Conference online…

I have also done lots of radio and TV interviews like these:

At Home with Jim and Joy

Jim and Joy show long view laughing

Living Right with Dr. Ray

Susie Lloyd, Ray Guarendi after speaking on Living Right with Dr. Ray


“You are perhaps the best speaker we ever had.” Legatus of Wilmington, DE. May 2021

“What’s it like having a mother who is a stand up comedian?” Helen Alvare to Susie’s daughter, Worcester Catholic Women’s Conference, November 2018

“Thank you. You helped me today. I was being selfish. I am going to help my wife more.” Audience member at IHM New York Conference, July 2018

“Everyone in our Lehigh Valley Legatus Group gave you the highest rating as a speaker.” John Miravich, Program Chair, February 2012

“After the conference thirteen of us went out to dinner and we all agreed how funny you were and what a delight it was to hear you.” Allison Girone, audience member, CHAPLET Conference April, 2010