Susie Lloyd is married, has seven kids, four sons in law, and nine grandkids. So far. It keeps changing. She has homeschooled for the last 26 years. This is proof for the existence of God. Her books and articles, and conference talks show you that you don’t have to be perfect to succeed at homeschooling.

She won three Catholic Press Association awards – one for her first book, Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water. She has appeared on EWTN a bunch of times and on Catholic radio and podcasts and has had her own regular columns in Catholic Digest and Catechist Magazine. She is a frequent contributor to The Latin Mass Magazine, Catholic Match, The National Catholic Register and the Homeschool Connections Blog.

She is a homeschool consultant and mentor because she believes that parents care more than anyone else about their kids’ education because they a) love them and b) hope they move out by the time they are 35.

No matter how many jobs she has had, Susie’s family is number one. Homeschooling has allowed them be part of the creative minority. Together they share the Catholic Faith, sing in a polyphonic choir, put on Shakespeare plays and Pilgrimages, and even create cartoons.

Cartoon of older brother godfather and newly baptized baby thinking: Why am I wet on my top end?

Most days you will find her homeschooling, keeping the house moderately clean, and trying to figure out what to feed people from the random ingredients in her pantry.