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Hi, I’m Susie Lloyd.

Wondering who I am and what I know? See below!

Who is Susie Lloyd?

I am a Catholic, a wife, a mom of 7, a grandmother of 16 (so far), and a Catholic homeschool “lifer” for almost 30 years. Most homeschoolers know me through my books: Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water and Bless Me, Father, for I Have Kids in which I poke fun at the ups and downs of homeschooling and family life. I love to help families through personal homeschool consulting services.

What does Susie know about?

  • Homeschool Connections – long time user and counselor.
  • Homeschooling lots of kids of all ages.
  • Feeding and educating a big family on a tight budget.
  • Compiling a complete curriculum from various resources.
  • Getting kids to do a lot of writing using my easy method.
  • Getting kids to love reading.
  • Building a local co-op/network without creating yet another burden.
  • Persevering in family life through tough times.
  • Planning for college – choosing courses, creating transcripts, SAT prep.
  • Getting the work done – how to be firm but flexible.
  • Balancing career so that family life and homeschooling come first.
  • And lots more.

Let’s work together!

What do people say about Susie?

“Here’s someone who knows what she’s talking about!” Jasmine, CA

“I now have a game plan to guide my oldest son through finishing up his high school credits; SAT test preparation and applying to colleges. So whatever your “Am I leaving something out?!!” dilemma is – Susie Lloyd’s got answers. Sarah, PA

“Susie is warm, funny, and has a wealth of experience.” Mary Ellen Barrett

Thank you so much, Susie. I really appreciate and value your help! Theresa, MD

Lloyd is “the generous patron ‘saint’ of desperate housewives and harried homeschoolers everywhere.” Danielle Bean.

“Her many years of experience homeschooling, her practical approach, and common sense are such invaluable assets. I highly recommend her as a homeschooling consultant!” Mary Jo, MI

“You inspired me!” Maria, MD

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