Shakespeare Karaoke Party!

Hear ye! Hear ye! ‘Tis a Shakespeare Party Package! 

Watch the one minute trailer below!

Ready to have your own rollicking revels?

Get the complete party package!

  • Hours of speeches and scenes gleaned from Shakespeare – for every level of ability.
  • Scene summaries to help you set up the scene in seconds!
  • Original prologues and spoofs to get the party rolling.
  • Party invitation and logo.
  • Step by step directions to throw a successful party.
  • All delivered electronically to you for only $24.99!



Print once. Use again and again!

Fun for all ages!
School friendly. Experience the greatest works of English literature with no tests, no fear, no pain. Just fun – as Shakespeare intended.
Bar friendly. Just like Karaoke – only without the singing. Unless you feel like it!
Good clean fun that goes anywhere, even the backyard of your home on a midsummer night.


Easy to host!

Easy to act!




Want Susie to come throw the party for you? Let’s talk!