What my Liberal Arts Education Did for Me

My alma mater, Thomas More College, recently asked me what my liberal arts education did for me.

TMC: You are a homeschool consultant as well as a speaker and author. How did the education you received at the College prepare you for your writing career, as well as educating your children and helping others to do the same?

Thomas More equipped me to learn everything I needed to learn in the thirty-five years since I graduated. It’s funny to look back on how people used to say, “Philosophy? What are you going to do with that?” Where do I start?

I’ll start with my day job, my vocation as a wife and mother and now a grandmother—sixteen times! When I got married, right out of college, I was a tabula rasa about all things domestic, except for my mother’s example of duty before all else.

My education in the liberal arts gave me the tools to learn everything I needed to run a household—materially as well as culturally.

Running a household is another thing our present society does not attach much importance to—except if you are bad at it or neglect it. And so families fall apart and so does society.

I have always felt that my education gave me a leg up on homeschooling, which is more than just drilling spelling at the kitchen table—though it is that.

Planning, supervising, teaching seven children for nearly thirty years takes a certain vision and confidence and sense of adventure which I believe I caught while rubbing elbows with the great movers of our Western civilization.

I do not understand people who think it is pointless to educate someone who is “just” going to be a wife and mother. This is to devalue or at least underestimate a great calling, a vocation.

We moms are a vital part of the creative minority. As families fall apart around us, we get to help preserve and advance culture…

Want to know how? Read the full interview at the Thomas More College site.

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