Author: Susie Lloyd

Three Kinds of Homeschool Dads

What is a homeschool dad? If you said it’s a guy whose wife homeschools, you’re usually right. These dads come in more or less helpful varieties. The unhelpful ones put their wives on trial with a “let’s see how you perform” mentality. They’re not sold on homeschooling, merely tolerating it. They are dubious that it will produce the Ivy League… Read more →

Homeschool Moms Have Unsung Strength

Cries of “Feminist!” greeted a recent compilation of articles under the heading, Homeschool Moms Discuss Raising Strong Daughters. Not your usual reaction to the phrase “homeschool moms” so I suppose the “strong daughters” were to blame. Anyway, it was a title guaranteed to interest me – a homeschool mom of six daughters. It didn’t hurt that I know many of the… Read more →

Prophet Jeremiah; Michelangelo; Sistine Chapel

Old Testament Saints??

If you ever wondered whether the holy men and women of the Old Testament are considered saints by the Church, December has your answer. The Eastern Rite calendar contains the individual feast days of five prophets: Nahum, Habacus, Sophonias (aka Zephaniah), Aggeus, and Daniel. That’s not all. The two Sundays before Christmas are devoted to the Holy Forefathers and the… Read more →

St. Cyprian the… Sorcerer?

Just in time for Halloween, this month’s saint was a real charmer. Literally. Don’t get him mixed up with the other, famous, respectable St. Cyprian who was once bishop of Carthage and is now mentioned in the Mass. This is the other one. The one who went around conjuring up Satan. Cyprian was born in Antioch of devout pagan parents. It… Read more →

St. Gianna Molla, happy, in her wedding dress

St. Gianna Molla Told her Future Husband “I Love You” First

St. Gianna Molla embraced life with gusto. She was adventurous and passionate by nature. Her oldest child, Pierluigi, remembers that his mother loved to drive fast. If the roads were clear she put the pedal to the metal. She was that way with love too. Whatever or whomever she loved, she loved daringly with her whole self—God, the Church, her parents,… Read more →