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Got Winter Homeschool Burnout? Take 20 Minutes of Joy

What did Melville write again, “The damp, drizzly November in my soul whenever I find myself pausing involuntarily before coffin warehouses?” That is exactly how winter homeschool burnout feels – only forget November. November is National Decorating Season in America. Having died before reaching the age of one hundred seventy-two, Melville never knew. I feel certain that if faced with… Read more →

Cartoon of Susie at desk buried in clutter.

Homeschool Impossible: The Clutter Episode

Welcome to Homeschool Impossible. The column that wishes it were a reality TV show. It’s not your average reality show. The goal is not to create chaos and then film it: Mixed singles in their twenties… a summer camp situation… heh heh heh… It’s the kind where there already is chaos and the goal is to bring order. Think Hotel Impossible or Restaurant Impossible. The people on those… Read more →